2010 Porsche 911 review


October 27 2010


Porsche 911


Refreshing and thrilling drive with a great feel for he road. You'll love the pick up and accelleration most. Handling is precise with excellent adaptive control of the gear changes depending on the way you drive. Ease of over riding the automatic with an optional sport and power sport mode makes the car stiffer and more responsive before shifting up with g-forces that push you back into your seat. You can control your car through exhilerating curves, changing gears without taking your hands off the steering wheel with the awesome PDK gear changer attached to the steering wheel. You never feel out of control with this beauty as the braking power is phenomenal too.


Simple attachments like Bluetooth steering wheel controls are not standard even on high end models. The available cars in the showroom either have or don't have them and they cannot be added on aftermarket! For the price one pays for these cars, you would assume that such a simple attachemnt for the steering wheel would be standard. You can change gears without taking your hands off the steering wheel but you can't change the volume without taking your hands off the steering wheel! The music system does have a separate hand lever to change stations (but no volume control) and Porsche blamed XM for the repeated inability for this to function appropriately.


An exhilerating car to drive. No better word to describe the thrill. Simply refreshing. It could not get better.

Porsche 911 0-60 mph Times

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